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Core Activities & Values

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Core Activities & Values

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Core Activities & Values


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A Global Hub for Art, Education, and Social Transformation.
The Black Power Station is a dynamic and inclusive international arts destination dedicated to fostering liberated spaces for artistic expression, education, and social change through the arts.

An environment that nurtures creativity supports artists and promotes community engagement through various activities, including workshops, performances, exhibitions, and dialogue sessions.

Amazing Offerings
Tailored to capture special moments or business needs with artistic flair, offering diverse and inspiring settings for any occasion.
Professional Videography
Step into the spotlight with our comprehensive videography services. 
Memorable Photoshoots
Create lasting memories with our bespoke photoshoot services.
Mural & Visual Arts

Transform spaces into canvases of expression.

Leading Way In Creative thinking, arts and living!

Bringing them together to witness and participate in deep discussions and unique performances. They come here to taste indigenous local cuisines and to immerse themselves in music, sound art, theatre, screenings, ceremonies, and Book’ona readings. The Black Power Station is built around the concept of Ubuntu.

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